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Annoying video of the day brought to you by This is SIC (Second Income Coach) Gerry Schroeder. I think this video becomes increasingly annoying the way it is forced upon you while surfing traffic exchanges! Why use annoying advertising to push people to buy? This is just plain irritating, like scraping nails across a chalkboard! Is annoying your potential customer market a good marketing strategy?

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AdPTC or as I like to call them (AdminDontPayToClick), has continued to scam, cheat and ban members on a daily basis. So it's no surprise that Karma may have finally caught up with them!

Before AdPTC turned into a scam it was called and was an honest site that paid me twice. Unfortunately, they changed the site name to AdPTC and began to be plagued with problems. Not only did they ban me twice, but the corrupt forum moderators accused me of cheating and were disrespectful to members who posted legit problems in the forum.

A few days ago admin posted as to why the site had no funds to make payments. Aparently, they lost 2 of the main payment processors along with 90% of their funds. With all the money they cheated and scammed out of people you'd think the faker would have had enough cash to fix and rid the site of problems and errors!

That being said, I will be tuning in daily to see how this fakery plays out. And on that note, clickers beware! AdPTC admin may have opened a new site called NeoPTC.

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Annoying site of the day

Anyone else hate being bombarded with while surfing traffic exchanges? Its bad enough landing on audible websites that can't be shut off, but do I have to watch their worldprofit webcasts too?

The worst type of promotion technique I've seen and listened to. Same repetitive pitch and they never tell u what the "Spectacular Money Making offer" is. I scroll down and see they want my name, email and phone number. No thanks!

A Google search of Dr. Jeffrey Lant's 'Make Money Online Now' 20-minute video turns up as a scam and this very interesting site.

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